Isabelle Hausser

Writer, novelist and a translator. She also was in charge of judicial and diplomatic functions. In her last two books, “Petit Seigneur” and especially in “ Les Couleurs du Sultan”, she describes the reality behind all fictions about the Assad regime and the complexity of the Syrian society.

Hala Kodmani

Freelance journalist reporter since 2009, she specializes in Arab world and particularly since 2011. She covers the conflict in Syria, her homeland, for “Libération” and “L’Express”. She also trains young Arabic speaking Syrians, Palestinians and Algerians journalists .
For two years during the creation of French channel “France 24”, she worked as “chief editor” of the “desk arabe” for the TV channel and the Web site.
Previously, for over twenty years, she worked in communication and information for several regional and international organizations (Arab League, Francophonie, UNESCO …) particularly as editor of publications, newsletters and websites.
In October 2014, she made a 26 minutes TV reportage on the Islamic state: “Du chaos au Califat broadcast” on ArteTV.
In March 2014, she published “La Syrie promise”, Sindbad editions. She also translated into French the book of Abdel Rahman Kawakibi, “Du despotism”, published by Actes sud in 2016.

Agnès Levallois

Consultant, Arabist and specialist in Arab-Muslim world. She works as a researcher at the International Diplomatic Academy (ILA) “l’Académie diplomatique international (ISA)” and lecturer “ maître de conférences “ at Sciences Po Paris and ENA.
She was director of information and RMC-MO programs (Arabic subsidiary RFI) and assistant managing editor at France 24 in charge of the Arab antenna. She was an expert in the Middle East Secretariat of National Defense (NWMO) before being in charge of Arabic and Persian world office at the Delegation for Strategic Affairs (DAS) of the Ministry of Defence.
She graduated from the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (literal and colloquial Arabic), and did postgraduate degree in IEP Paris on the contemporary Arab world. She has written books and numerous articles on the Middle East, mostly in French, including Jerusalem division sharing? (Michalon editions), “Middle East user manual (Stock); co-author of Lebanon a 33-day war, la découverte, and Syria at present, Actes sud and southern Mediterranean 30 votes to build a common future, Ipemed, collection “Building the Mediterranean”.
(Jérusalem de la division au partage ? (éditions Michalon), «Moyen-Orient mode d’emploi (Stock) ; co-auteur de Liban une guerre de 33 jours, La Découverte et de La Syrie au présent, éditions Actes sud et Méditerranée 30 voix pour bâtir un avenir commun, Ipemed, collection « Construire la Méditerranée »).
She has made numerous trips to the Middle East, including two years in Syria at the Institute of Arab Studies in Damascus.

Marie-Claude Slick

Reporter for TF1 until January 2013.
She also was correspondant of TF1 in Jerusalem and Moscow

Manon-Nour Tannous

PHD in International Relations and associated researcher in Thucydide Centre (University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas). She also holds the position of Professor “chairholder” of Contemporary History of the Arab world at Collège de France. She is president of the Research Union on the Middle East CCMO. She edited the collective book « Le monde face aux révolutions arabes », Editions du Cygne, Paris, 2012.